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The Star Wars

Being the father of two boys is really the best thing since Nutella. Over time, our toy compatibility is evolving and aligning like the stars. So too is our taste in entertainment. This is a superfine thing. Case in point, Star Wars and Lego.

My boys have been fascinated with Lego for quite some time now and a myriad of plastic brick creations have sprung from their imaginations daily like mushrooms in a garden after rain. Recently though, they’ve started showing an interest in Star Wars too and that really does go hand in glove with Lego. I for one can not imagine a more perfect symbiosis. It’s almost as if they were owned by the same people out there in the real world. As if they were made foreach other. 

But I digress a little in conspiracy theory. Both of these franchises really are favorites of mine.

I love Lego. It appeals to my sense of order. Ok, it really appeals to my sense of obsessive compulsive disorder but if I’m honest I think it’s helping. I once spent an afternoon sorting through thousands of pieces of Lego looking for the thirty or so minifigures and all of their trappings. It took forever but in the end I had them all arranged and ready for battle, good guys vs. bad guys. The bad guys were easy to classify. They were all missing something on their person. Be it a head, a hand or a whole arm. The good guys had no such handicaps. The characters ranged from Knights and Mechanics to Huns and Spacemen. My boys were really thrilled to find a pre-made battle scene staged for them and over the course of a day or so, everyone on the field was eventually returned to the big box of Lego in pieces having fought bravely.

I’m also a Star Wars nut. Let me qualify that statement a little by also saying that I do not have my own Vader outfit hanging in the cupboard and I do not spend hours on end in character as Yoda.

Ok. So sometimes I do talk like Yoda.

But I’m never green and I don’t have special ears or a gown made from a hessian sack.

That said, I am a big fan and have seen all of the movies more times than I can count. I know the faces, the names, the alliances, the ships, the weapons, the antagonists and heroes. It’s as much a part of my youth and history as riding a bicycle or climbing a tree. I can quote scene and line from the movies as easily as breathing. Not that I do though.

Do or do not. There is no try.

So, it really is rather fitting that my boys, especially the eldest, are showing an interest in this universe. For some time now my wife and I have been debating when it would be appropriate for our eldest to start watching the Star Wars movies. Obviously his viewing would be carefully supervised and any inappropriate or particularly grim scenes would be quickly skipped over. But the question has always been, when would he be old enough? He already knows everything about it and he’s about the same age I was when I stepped into the Galaxy far far away. He is also firmly entrenched in the Jedi camp as a supporter of the good guys but understands you also need bad guys to make the stories exciting. So to keep waiting until he turned just that little bit older seemed a bit redundant.

In the end it all happened rather organically. A couple of days ago we switched on the T.V and Star Wars Episode I was showing. So we watched it together for about twenty minutes. He was completely enthralled. He held onto his little Lego Star Wars book that we bought him last year and kept flipping though the pages to find a biography for each new character he encountered in the movie. He also asked, conservatively, just short of a million questions as he tried to make sense of the story and he cross-referenced all of my answers in his book. He never just takes anything at face value. I really like that about him. He won’t have the wool pulled over his eyes by anyone when he’s older.

The whole thing really was quite special for both him and I. It’s a really great memory. I’m not sure if he’ll remember it, since how many of us can recall a thirty minute time slot when we were around six years old, but I will always have it with me.

In closing, I must confess that if I were going to buy a costume from the Star Wars universe, it would probably not be one that I myself would end up wearing.

No, it would be this one.