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The food source

It seems now that our eldest has developed a hankering for one particular online iPad game called ‘Hey Day’. It involves the running of a farm that has everything from crops and livestock to popcorn machines, fish farming, a mill, a mine and an option to spy on the progress of your neighbour ‘Greg’.

Some text censored by the blog police…

Now, some time is set aside every evening and morning in our day for the big guy to bond with his mom over the myriad of decisions to make in the game. Plant, harvest, buy, sell, build, expand and so on.

It must be said that the developers of the game have side-stepped the issue of harvesting bacon from the pigs on the farm quite nicely. It seems that in much the same way that a cow, so swollen with milk it seems fit to burst, can be be milked without destroying the cow – one can just as easily harvest bacon from a fat juicy pig and all that happens to the pig is that it slims down a little bit. Very nicely done. I for one am quite pleased I didn’t have to explain to my boy at this age (four and a half) that harvesting bacon from a pig effectively means the end of pig as an entity and the beginning of bacon as a breakfast meat. At the moment, in my boy’s mind, the two things live harmoniously side by side like something out of a John Lennon song.

Ditto by the way for chicken strips and chickens and beef mince and cows.